Errands are stressful, work, and boring.

Outings are fun, adventurous, and exciting.

A little over a year ago, I went through a difficult season with Lily & Cailyn while running errands together.  Lily (then, 3) would disobey and whine (and often have accidents no matter how many times I took her to the bathroom), and Cailyn (18mo.) would be fidgety and wouldn’t sit still.  I dreaded taking them out together.

That’s when I read something in a book that changed how I thought about running errands with my kids.  (The book is called Becoming a Chief Home Officer by Allie Pleiter)  Instead of looking at errands as something to check off my to do list, I began looking at errands as a fun outing to do together.  So whether we were going to the grocery store, the playground, Target, or the pool, I decided I would have the same attitude and make it fun.

What did I change?

  • Mainly my attitude.  I finally realized that my attitude determines my kids attitude and behavior (not ALWAYS, but usually).
  • Added some fun.  We often get smoothies after we go to Target (Jamba Juice is in the same shopping center) or get a treat at Starbucks.  Makes us all a little happier.
  • Focused more on what we are doing together than what I needed to get done.  This is just a mental shift.  Instead of getting so caught up with checking things off my list, I focus more on being with them and figured getting things done was extra.

The Result?

  • We have more fun together.  No more accidents or meltdowns (most of the time!).
  • I get things done…although, I usually walk out forgetting something or getting the wrong thing.  Last week I accidentally bought a pack of sleep n plays for Efraim instead of onesies, oh well, they work too!
  • They learn something.   Because I’m more focused on them,they are more engaged in what I’m buying and why.  Last week Lily & I were at Whole Foods and she was asking me what ALL the vegetables/fruit were- we both learned something that day.

Yesterday I took Lily & Cailyn to the water park (Efraim stayed with my mother-in-law), and we had lots of fun together.  Today, I took all 3 kids to Trader Joes & Target, and we had just as much fun as yesterday!

It’s amazing how your attitude and perspective can completely change your day!!!

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