I can’t think of anyone who has influenced me more over the last decade like C.S. Lewis. The way he thinks and the way he uses words to communicate what he thinks have had a huge impact in my own faith and even as I’ve led others around me in their Christian faith. The Screwtape Letters top the list.

So, of course I was thrilled to review the recent book by Jerry Root and Mark Neal, The Surprising Imagination of C. S. Lewis. Fortunately, it was even better than I expected.

As someone who adores C.S. Lewis’ work and as a writer, this book is gold. It helps me to look deeper into why C.S. Lewis wrote the way he did.

This book is not a quick, easy read (not surprising since most of Lewis’ work tend to be on the more difficult side), but it’s rich in substance and well worth the extra mental energy to absorb. I love the way the authors break down the different types of imagination and how Lewis used them in his writings. Genius.

Root and Neal take you on a journey through Lewis’ writings by style. While they don’t touch on every book, they do give you an overall glimpse of the major works he contributed to literature. They divided into two parts- Literature of the Mind & Literature of the Heart, both of which are invaluable.

As a writer, I plan to keep this book close by. I can’t think of a better author and scholar who continues to impact through his words and how he used them than C.S. Lewis and the more I can understand how he did it, the more it inspires me to continue learning and working on the craft of writing and the art of using words to influence hearts and minds.

If you’re interested in the same, I would highly recommend this book and/or any of C. S. Lewis’s books.

Mandy Sig