I’m convinced that the more kids you have, the cuter they have to be.  Probably a rule of some kind or another.  Maybe to ensure there is no lack of attention?  I don’t know, but I know it’s true.

Filipe and I seem to ask each other at least once a day, “Isn’t Efraim so cute right now?”.  To which we respond, “yes!”- like we’re surprised about it.

Whether it’s an expression or excitement for an activity, he keeps us laughing all day long it seems.

Here’s a few pics of him last week:

I tweeted this picture of him last week w/ his In-n-Out burger (aka grilled cheese sandwich) on his head.  While Cailyn was having fun at the Little Gym, I decided Efraim and I would enjoy some In-n-Out for lunch while we waited.  We were in the car eating and all he kept doing was balancing it on his head in between bites.  He had it up there for nearly a minute!

Can you see the excitement in his face??

Saying “cheese”.

Playing in his favorite spot in the girl’s room- their kitchen!  This is his excited face.

Such a sweet & cute boy.  A necessity when you’re third and the only boy.  He is not lacking in attention, that’s for sure!