Six years ago I was eight months pregnant with Lily, and busy preparing for her arrival. The crib was finally set up, and friends and family blessed us immensely with all the things needed for a newborn baby girl.

Since then each of our three kids have slept in that crib. And between moving houses, a cross-country move, two apartments, and our current rental house, that crib has graced the doors of five homes.

When we took it down on Tuesday, it was a first for us. This time we took it down because our family is growing up. I knew this day would quickly approach. Efraim slept in it the longest of all of them simply because there’s no one coming along behind him needing it. When he started climbing out (successfully) two weeks ago, I knew it was time.

It is a little bitter-sweet, but for this mama, it’s definitely more sweet than bitter. While part of me is sad to see our baby grow, I can look back knowing we enjoyed every moment of those days. Now I look forward, thrilled for the future.

We replaced the crib with a toddler bed.
(Efraim is our first child to get a toddler bed. I blame it on me being stressed over too many options so I just went with the most affordable ($50), fastest option. Same mattress, same bedding.)

I also replaced the changing table with this toy organizer. Room-time has been much better the past few days.

Our baby days are over. While we want to expand our family through adoption one day, if and when we do, I hope to adopt an older child/children. For now, I”m enjoying where we are.