Last Saturday night our family celebrated the beginning of the Christmas season together.

That morning Filipe took the kids to pick out a tree while I met with some girls for breakfast.  Yep, I passed on the picking a tree experience.  It’s not my favorite part, but having one, a real one, I like.

When I came home around noon they were still out, so I found the courage to open the storage shed and pull out the Christmas boxes.  I kept putting it off as long as possible.  Maybe the spiders I saw in there last month kept me away- since I saw it go right down in the Christmas decor box…ewww!  I got the boxes out and into the house with only one spider sighting (which I quickly disposed of!), and got to work.

Later that afternoon Filipe took the girls to see Arthur Christmas.  I stayed home to get the house ready for our “decorating party” while Efraim napped.  While we waited for the girls to get home I brought out the Little People Nativity set for Efraim.  He played with it non-stop fro 30+ minutes.  Maybe having a toy to himself (and no sisters to take it away) kept him focused.

How cute is he?

That night during dinner we read the Christmas story and talked about what Christmas means and why we celebrate the way we do.  Afterward we got to work on the tree.

Filipe had a little helper with the lights.   

and the ornaments.

Lily and Cailyn decorated their own little pink tree.

We had lots of fun together and afterward sipped hot cocoa and marshmallows.

Then they went to bed while I “fixed” everything.  🙂

Hope you have a blessed Christmas season.