This week is a big week for our family because Filipe is in Ethiopia.

Last Fall, I shared about the Church-to-Church partnership that South Bay was approved to be a part of.  Well, this week Filipe, Andy, and Mark (a South Bay volunteer) went there to meet our partner church, learn about the community, and begin a relationship with them that will transform both of our churches.

While Filipe is there in Ethiopia, the kids and I are here in California.  This will be the longest we’ve ever been apart since we got married (8 yrs. ago).  So, a game plan was essential going into this week or we would all be crazy by the time he comes back.

My #1 motto: stay busy.  And busy we’ve been.

The girls started swimming lessons on Monday that go every morning from Mon-Thurs (this week & next).

Swimming + Sun = Tired Kids

I took Efraim to the playground while the girls went out with Grandma (my mother-in-law) for lunch.

Dinner at Pizza My Heart…followed by grocery shopping (not sure if I would categorize grocery shopping as fun, but it kept us busy).

We had Stacie & the boys over for dinner on Wed. night (and we’re headed to their house tonight).

And when all the activity stops, I have plenty of “projects” to work on.  You know, the stuff you procrastinate because it’s not that big of a deal, but you hope one day you’ll get to it?  That kind of stuff.

– Like cleaning out the kids closets (check- did that yesterday).
– Or finally get around to finishing baby books (started that last night).

So, yes, we’re busy, busy, busy.  Because life’s more fun like that.

But of course, we miss daddy too and can’t wait for him to come home.  Here’s a picture he posted on facebook earlier.  He’s having a great time!