Wednesday we returned from a 10-day trip to Charleston, SC- the place I grew up, the place Filipe and I met, and where we started out in ministry.

We survived the flights across the country with the three kids.  The girls were great while Efraim was a little more challenging considering we took him as a lap child (toughing it out saved us $400+).  They were content watching endless movies, playing games on the iPhone, iPad, or iPod, and eating snacks.

Charleston holds many memories for us and it was fun being back and visiting friends and family.  We arrived after midnight on the 25th, so the 26th greeted us to Christmas morning at my parents house.

 Throughout the week we were able to connect with many friends- including my college roommate who is also now a Pastor’s Wife (it’s amazing all that happens in 10+ yrs).

 We spent an evening with many friends from the college ministry we worked at.  All of the college students we served with are growing up.  Many are married and now have babies of their own- others are expecting soon!

One of the highlights was spending the day in downtown Charleston!  We went with my parents and Filipe’s brother’s family.  Notice Lily & her cousin, Nathan, holding hands.  So cute.

 A treat for us was lunch at Hyman’s, our favorite seafood restaurant (sorry, San Francisco, you lost that one!).  Filipe enjoyed the famous “crispy flounder” while I couldn’t pass up the “shrimp & grits”.  Here are the kids with their boiled peanuts (those I do pass up though).

A treat for the kids was a carriage ride downtown Charleston.  They have no memories of living there, so we thought it would be a great memory for them to remember the city of their birth.

(Sorry for the shadow, I have ZERO photography skills.)

Cailyn waiting patiently for their horse to arrive.

They were SO excited!

We had a really good time!
So thankful for good friends and family.