On the first day of Kindergarten we were both nervous.

It wasn’t just a transition for her, but a transition for me too.

It wasn’t just her first day of school.
It was my first day of school as a parent.

Throughout the year she has learned how to read, how to write, how to add, and how to subtract.
She’s learned how to make friends, how to work in groups, and how to help those around her.

I’ve learned a lot too.
I’ve learned how much I can help, and I much I can’t
I’ve learned when to encourage and what to correct.

The most important thing to me is…
Lily loves going to school.
There hasn’t been a day she didn’t want to go.

The only days she missed were when we went on vacation.
She wasn’t sick one day (although she was sick during Christmas vaca).

Today was graduation!

It’s the only thing she’s talked about for the last two weeks.

As excited as she is, she is also a little sad.
Sad to say goodbye to her teacher.
Sad to say goodbye to her friends.

When she thinks of what she’ll miss, after a few minutes she quickly says,
“But I’m excited to be a first grader!”

I’m excited too!
I’ve been singing “School’s out for summer” all day long.
I’m thrilled I get to make my own schedule for a couple months.

 Congrats Lily, Class of 2024.
(I can’t imagine that day.)