It’s easy in our social media world to highlight only the good stuff in our lives. We usually tend to put our best foot forward, and keep the stuff that isn’t so pretty out of sight.

I’m just as guilty.

So for today’s Family Friday post, instead of telling you about all the cute and fun things our family has done this week, I’m going to share with you the stuff that wasn’t all too fun- the ugly, but sometimes funny stuff. The stuff that makes reality TV so much fun to watch.

So, without further adieu:

Last Sunday evening Efraim (who will be 2 next week!) attempted to paint his finger nails with pink nail polish. In his attempt, bright, pink nail polish splattered all over the kitchen floor and chairs. Needless to say, I’m still scrubbing nail polish off of the chair legs.

I was repulsed by two out of five meals I’ve cooked so far this week (maybe I should actually use the recipes I have). No one else seemed to really notice (they ate it at least), but I made myself a PB&J after the kids went to bed. Some days cooking is for enjoyment and yummy food, some days it’s out of nutritional necessity. This week felt like the latter.

While I put my work-out clothes on twice this week (& wore them until bedtime), I never did get around to working out. Too bad good intentions don’t burn calories.

Lily completely forgot to tell me about a big assignment for school (it was more like a parent assignment considering this is kindergarten). I felt like we had fast-fwd to high school or something.

While getting dinner started one night, Cailyn & Efraim were talking behind me as I swirled some olive oil on a pan. When I went to set it back on the counter, the bottle slipped out of my hand hitting the edge of the counter and spilling all down the front of me before hitting the floor with a loud crash. An entire bottle of olive oil from chest to toes…what a feeling I tell ya! Cailyn, Efraim, and I just stared at the mess for a good minute before doing anything. After I started cleaning it all up, it took me another few minutes to realize Efraim was standing (behind the glass), but with the spout (now broken off) in his hand. (In case you’re wondering, no he didn’t cut himself.)

I let Cailyn (my 4 yo) have a Target pretzel and smoothie for lunch one day. I’m sure that one really qualifies me for Mom of the Year award. What’s worse is that I drove across the street and got Chipotle for myself.

And laundry is my forever losing battle, and I’m okay with that.

That was my week. How was yours?
Any not-so-pretty moments you’d like to share?