* I announced on Monday that I’m going to be changing the blog up a little, and yes, I still am. Of course, just as I went to write that post, I felt like what I planned to do wasn’t quite right. So I’m still tweaking. Yes, I’m still going to change it, but the way I package it may just be a little different than I thought. Until then, I’ll just keep posting the usual stuff that’s going on around here. Trust me, it’s not going to be life altering or anything. It just helps me keep writing.

A New School Year

I love long summer days, the laid back mornings with no rush out the door. I held on as long as I could; I fought hard. I spent at least two weeks in denial, but school has come yet again.

This year I have a first grader and a “TK”er.

Lily & Cailyn ready for school!

Lily quickly found her place at the table. She’s so excited for first grade.

I feel so blessed to have great teachers. Every teacher we’ve had so far seems like the best fit for us and our kids. To me it’s another confirmation that we’re in the right place, doing the right thing. It keeps me at ease as the girls walk out the door every day. I’m confident God wants us at this school.

Cailyn was so excited to be at school (I couldn’t get her to look at the camera)!

Our school opened up transitional kindergarten for kids with fall birthdays, and Cailyn qualifies making the deadline by two days. She’s been so anxious to go to school, and I’m so happy we have a good (free) option. She has the same teacher Lily had last year and we love her.

This little guy lost his playmates. As soon as we got back to the car, Efraim asked, “Where’s Cailyn?”, “Where’s Lily?”. Filipe’s aunt and uncle were in town from Florida so we went out to breakfast together. Efraim felt pretty special. See that huge cup of orange juice? He drank the whole thing! Rarely does he get that much juice in a week.

So, back to the grind we go. As much as I say I love summer, I do enjoy the routine of the fall. I like filling my days with responsibility and productive activities. While I don’t always like the job of running things around here, I do get better at it each year.

Have a great school year!