Planning summer activities for my kids is one thing, doing them is another. I’ve been a little nervous that I won’t be able to pull it off. That I could let the summer pass and chalk it up as one we survived.

But that wouldn’t be fun or memorable, now would it?

This week we did have fun.

Here’s a recap:

Our character word for the week was: Boldness

For “Make Something Monday” we made tamborines.
Why tamborines? Because I had a huge container of expired popcorn kernels sitting in the cabinet. I started throwing them away and then decided to have a little fun with them. The kids had a blast decorating plates and we filled them and they went crazy with them.

 Tuesday was Cailyn’s last ballet class. Her first recital is on Saturday. Can’t wait!

For “What’s Cooking Wednesday” we made some berry muffins. They were so good we forgot take a picture. However, we did have ice cream cones after dinner.

“Thoughtful Thursday” didn’t quite go as thoughtful as I planned. I wanted to make some Father’s Day gifts, but that will have to wait until Saturday.

“Family Fun Friday” was super exciting (which is why this post is so late). We took our kids and our nephew strawberry picking at an organic berry farm north of Santa Cruz.

We arrived around lunchtime and had a picnic.
The ocean is in the background.

Then, we got our baskets and boxes and headed for the farm.

I was with Efraim and I think he squished more in his hand than he got in his basket.

He’s so proud.

We took home 12+ pounds of strawberries today. We’ll be eating a lot of strawberries this week. But, I’m not complaining. They are some of the best strawberries I’ve ever tasted.

We just may have to go back next month for some ollalaberries.

Fun day, Fun week.