Last weekend we finished up our year commitments with Cailyn’s very first ballet recital. And judging by how well she “performed” I would say it won’t be her last. I was most impressed by how comfortable she looked up on stage. I kept asking her afterward if she was nervous and she said, “no way!” At this age it’s more about being cute than hitting the routine perfectly, but Cailyn loves ballet and she seems to do it with ease. I can’t wait to see how she grows in it.

Here’s a few pics of the big night. (I didn’t get any good pics of the performance- the lighting just didn’t work out very well.)

Waiting for their trophy’s (Cailyn is 3rd from the left.)

Cailyn (right) with her classmates.

This week was both laid back & fun.

  • We spent the weekend eating and giving away strawberries from our little trip to the farm, so for our Make Something Monday project I made strawberry jam with the remaining few pounds of strawberries. I felt a little crazy doing it and had pretty low expectations for it, but I did it. And it tastes good!

Now that I know how now I may never buy jam from the store again.
(Thanks Lisa Leake for the great tutorial and recipe!)

  • We finally went on our Trip to the Library Tuesday this week. After about an hour we walked out with 24 books and 3 DVD’s. Lily signed up for the summer reading club and as been reading like crazy. I love it!
  • Wednesday was more laid back for us. We finally got around to our What’s Cooking Wednesday project after dinner and made chocolate chip cookies for our family movie night.
  • For Thoughtful Thursday we made dinner for a family at South Bay who just had a baby. Of couse, I cooked it, they helped me walk it to the door. But that’s just how some of this stuff works at this age. At least it keeps me busy and doing something meaningful with our time.
  • Today, for Family Fun Friday we went over to the park and played soccer. Sorry I don’t have any pictures of it, I was too busy being the goal keeper and defending my goal. 🙂
Another fun week. I can get used to this summer fun schedule. No complaints yet.
How’s your summer going?!?!