The first 6 weeks of summer was filled with:
swimming lessons, dad traveling, ballet camp, and family weddings.

But somewhere in the midst of it all, we found a week.  A week to spend together.
Just the 5 of us.

We originally planned on staying at a beach nearby,
but a couple days before we left, the weather turned cold..
and the forecast predicted high 60’s for the week.
60’s at the beach?  Not what we wanted.

We had 2 rules: fun and sun.

On Monday, we headed south.
We stopped for lunch in Pismo Beach.
Even payed 5 bucks to drive our car down to the waters edge.

Pretty cool.
Did I mention it was chilly?

So we kept driving south.
And found a great deal on a hotel with a suite.

We were about 45 min. from the beach, but at least it was hot,

and the kids got some lessons in sandcastle building.
We planned many fun activities,

like going to the movies (Winnie the Pooh).
and we couldn’t pass up,

Chick-fil-A (okay, so we went 3 times that week!)

But the highlight of the week:

It pays to have friends in high places- we only had to buy 1 ticket.

The girls were in heaven.  Mesmerized by everything they saw.

 We stood in line for 45 min. to see this beauty.

But these faces were worth it.

And at the end of the day we even met the star of the show.

 I wasn’t sure how the kids would handle the day, or how long they would last.
By 8pm, Efraim was fast asleep in the stroller, and Cailyn didn’t want to get out of hers.

But still standing at 9:30pm, this girl waited (very) patiently for the firework show.
No whining, no complaining, and she walked with the grown ups all day long.  I was amazed!
But hey, it’s Disneyland, maybe it really is the happiest place on earth!

Great week.  Great memories. Great vacation.
Till next summer…