While school was winding down I was working overtime trying to figure out what I’m going to do with all three kids this summer. Not that it’s all that different, but I felt like I needed to step it up for my kids this summer. Not that we have to “do” a lot, but there are many things I want to work on with them. What a better way to work on building character while having fun and having the freedom to do and make the schedule the way I want?

So here’s a brief snapshot of what we have planned.

Summer of Champions
It’s our theme for the summer.

Here’s the overall plan.

(Most of the following I found on Pinterest.) 

Monday=Make Something Monday
Tuesday=Trip to the Movies/Library Tuesday
Wednesday=What’s Cooking Wednesday
Thursday=Thoughtful Thursday
Friday=Family Fun Friday

In addition to activities, we’re working on character too.
Because a good champion has good character.

This week our word is:

 Our “Make Something Monday” project this week was making a summer board with all that we (and I) want to accomplish this summer.

On Tuesday this week we didn’t go see a movie or to the library, but that’s not something we will do for another two weeks when Cailyn’s weekly ballet class ends.

For “What’s Cooking Wednesday” we made popsicles! I just used what I had.

Frozen Blueberries
Fresh Raspberries
Plain Greek Yogurt
Splash of Water
I blended it in the blender and poured it into popsicle holders.

Put them in the freezer.

After lunch, naps, and quiet-time we ate them.

The girls loved them!

Efraim might have enjoyed it more if Lily wasn’t sitting in his chair.

For “Thoughtful Thursday” we cleaned one of the Baykids rooms at the church building.

We cleaned the tables and chairs.

Dusted shelves and toys

and vacuumed.

Efraim really didn’t vacuum much (though he wanted to).
The girls each had a vacuum cleaner and did most of it themselves.

For Family Fun Friday we’re going to do absolutely nothing (structured), and we’re going to love every minute of it.

It was a good first week of summer.