This is the first year the school calendar affects our family. Up until now, I’ve been the one to set the pace for our family schedule. I’ve been in control of pretty much every activity from eating and sleeping to playtime and fun time. I work hard to keep a schedule so that the kids maintain a sense of consistency and security within our family.

While there have been plenty of days over the course of five years that I would disregard the schedule and go with the flow, it didn’t last long, and I didn’t always feel good about doing it. I would quickly snap back to routine and keep things flowing smoothly once again.

Now I have someone else giving input to our schedule.

Apparently in California schools (at least Nor Cal) they have “winter break” instead of “spring break”. This week, Lily’s has had the whole week off. And you know what?!

It’s been fabulous.

Having a week off has given me the freedom to take the week off, embrace it, and more importantly, enjoy it. Over the last couple of weeks, I felt those early symptoms of fatigue and weariness, so this break came just when we needed it.

This week:

  • No alarm went off.
  • We played when we wanted.
  • We all enjoyed naps & rest time.
  • With the exception of Tues night (our Life Groups) no cleaning or real work took place in our house (Filipe did work Tues-Thur.).
  • I spent my free time watching the entire 1st season of Downton Abbey instead of my usual reading/writing.
  • We enjoyed the warm weather outside (this “winter” break felt more like “spring” here in the Bay this week).
  • We made a Rice Krispies Igloo (it was after all “winter” break).
  • And most of all, we enjoyed being together.

It’s been so good for me, for the kids, and for our family as a whole. I can enjoy this week off and feel completely at peace knowing it’s not every day, it’s not normal, and life as we know it will return to our “normal” soon enough.

Here’s just a few pics:

Started the week off w/ a little French press to go with our French Toast.  

Then headed to Bounce-a-Rama for a little fun in the jump castles.

The girls spent every morning playing together.

They even had a worship service with their barbies & dolls.

Some days we enjoyed lunch outside.

And in the afternoons played “mommy & baby”.

Our attempt at a Rice Krispie Igloo- after the decorating the front collapsed a little.
At least it was fun to make & fun to eat!

We ended the week today with a big family day at the park. You don’t need much to have fun as a family. A playground & sand, a field & a ball, it’s pretty easy to entertain your 5, 4, & 2 year old. 

And when your girls come lay down on the blanket with you, you’re sure- it’s been a good week!

Rested & Relaxed= A Successful Break