Yesterday was our first school milestone.  Lily graduated from preschool this week!  We are so grateful for her teachers and the progress Lily made this year.  She is most definitely ready, and so excited, about starting kindergarten in the fall.  I couldn’t be more proud.

(I love how Cailyn is right up front cheering her big sister on.)

Lily & Cailyn took ballet class this year (the school calendar year) and were in the same class.  Yesterday was their ballet recital where we got to see what a typical class looked like.  From spinning and twirling to leaping and marching to Father Abraham, it was one cute class.

Efraim finally decided to start using his legs a few weeks ago and started walking!  I wasn’t in any hurry this time for him to walk, but I think he realized that his knees were getting sore from crawling everywhere.

Efraim’s 2 favorite toys are balls and BIRDS!  We have (or had) two birds that he loved holding and playing with.  But sadly he dropped one yesterday and it broke all over the kitchen floor.  Between me and my mother-in-law, we are now in search for a bird he can play with and not break.

A boy & his birds…

What’s most exciting is that summer is finally here!!! I’ve been anticipating its arrival for about a month now. It’s lookin like a pretty busy summer, but that just makes it more fun. On Monday the girls start swimming lessons and Tuesday Filipe is headed to Ethiopia for a week.

Let the fun begin…