I think my brain is finally catching up with the new year. We had a pretty hectic holiday season- fun, but hectic. We traveled to Charleston, SC to be with our families for Christmas, and in the season of life we are in (having 2 small children), these things take a lot more planning and energy to do, thus more stress and potential disaster lurking around every corner.

We spent a week in Charleston, and it was fun having ALL of our family together. My brothers both flew in from around the country and Filipe’s sister (and husband & son whom we were able to meet for the 1st time!) came from Brazil. So, all of our family from both sides were together. There were 16 of us at Christmas dinner- plenty of food to say the least! The girls did great traveling! The 3 hour difference is painful for our sleep schedules coming back though. But, after about 4 days, the girls are back to waking up at 8 or so (today- 8:30!) instead of 5:30 like the first morning!

Last weekend, one of my best friends, Andrea, came up from Orange County with her new boyfriend for the weekend. It was so fun to catch up- especially since she’ll be moving half way around the world to Australia in March. So, it may be a little while till we see each other again- though I’m thrilled to have to go to Australia to see her!

Andrea & I

Eating at The Counter w/ Andrea & Adam.

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