I have been wanting to get family pictures done for a while now…and we finally did it, and they came out great!!!! A friend, Robyn Leigh, from church offered to do them for us and we finally took her up on it last week. She did a fabulous job! You can check out more of her work here.

Please know that taking pictures with a baby and a toddler is no small task, there’s always something that could come up at any moment to potentially ruin the whole ordeal. The day of I had everything all ready to go- dresses bought, clothes ironed, bags packed with anything that would help keep the girls happy. I showered and got myself ready while the girls were taking their nap. I went to wake Lily up and she had a fever! I thought, “oh no!”- note, Lily NEVER gets sick. So I gave her some Motrin and hoped she would feel better in an hour- or at least long enough to do the pictures. We headed to the beach, and things started okay- except Lily all of a sudden decided she didn’t want to get her feet dirty! My child who loves getting dirty in the backyard all of a sudden as a phobia of dirt or maybe its the sand!!! The girls laughed, cried, and even ingested some sand, but, despite the minor disruptions, the pictures turned out great- I couldn’t have hoped for better.

I thought I’d share a few favorites- take a moment to appreciate them- that was a lot of work!!

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