This week we wrapped up our study with a discussion on the differences between:  individual (personal) prayer, intercessory prayer, and corporate prayer.  Most of our study revolved around developing our personal prayer life as we used the Lord’s Prayer as a guide, but I felt like it was important to discuss other types and why they are important. 

I could have spent an entire semester on intercessory and corporate prayer so it was quite challenging to reduce it to one discussion. 

Intercessory Prayer
– Praying for others, the outcome of situations often not knowing the details. 

– Our ability to intercede for others is dependant on the depth of our relationship with God and being “tuned in” to the Holy Spirit. 

– I Tim. 2:1-3- We are commanded to pray for others.
 – Job 16:21- Job begs for someone to mediate between him and God.
 – I Sam 12:23- Samuel said he would be sinning by not praying for the people. 
 – Acts 12:5-12- Peter escaped prison as a result of the people’s prayers. 

Cooperate Prayer
– Unites believers, edify the church- Acts 2:42
– “Corporate prayer will only be a reflection of the hearts of the individuals who participate.”

I’ve really enjoyed studying prayer this semester.  It seems like as much as I’ve studied, there’s always more to learn.  I’m pretty sure that’s how it’s supposed to be.  We should continually seek Him and pursue Him more and more.  My favorite part of the study is the definition we put together. 

“A conversation with God that has an effect on reality.”  

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