Here is my answer to the question in my last post, “What is God saying to me?”. 

Here goes: 

A little over a week ago, I began studying the book of Mark.  Having just come back from the Catalyst conference, leadership was the subject on my mind.  So as I was reading Mark, I looked for some of the leadership and character qualities in Jesus and observed the way He interacted with people. 

As I read Mark 1, I was astounded at all that jumped out at me- things that were distinct and profound.  I’ve camped on that one chapter for over a week now because I feel like He’s still speaking to me through it.  Yes, just one chapter!

Here’s just one (of the seven) things that spoke to me. 

Confident & Clear Message- What struck me was Jesus’s confidence in speaking to people.  Have you ever noticed that Jesus was a pretty confident guy?  He didn’t seem to ever struggle with wondering if He said the right thing at the wrong time, or the wrong way, or worried about offending someone.  I think He was so confident because He knew what his message was and He stayed focused on it. 

Check out the verse below. 
Mark 1:15 says, “The time has come,” he said. “The kingdom of God is near. Turn away from your sins and believe the good news!”

I’ve noticed that the times I feel insecure are the times I lose sight of my purpose.  When life gets overwhelming and I feel defeated, it is easy to forget what it’s all about- why I’m here and what my calling is.  And I’m not just talking about role and position (wife/mom/pastor’s wife).  I mean what is the message He wants me to share with my life. 

This got me thinking. What am I passionate about?  What is my life message?  What is unique to me- my personality, my pain, my weaknesses, my strengths that God can use to reach others with His message. 

Those are the questions I’m wrestling with and working through.  I’ve got some answers, and in time, I will share those here.  For now I’m going to keep reading Mark 1 and let God keep speaking. 

Do you have a life message?  I’d love to hear it.

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