They come from every angle.

The buzz of the phone.
The sounds of the city.
The screams of a toddler.

How can I focus?

On my task.
On my family.
On Him.

It’s one of my biggest struggles.

The sounds.
The voices.

But my inner thoughts are the loudest.
Screaming above the rest.

The silence of a room can be most distracting.
Because there I’m left with me.

“Who are you?Β What do you think you are doing? You want to do what?!?!”
Those are the distractions I wrestle with and face head-on each day.
But in the midst of loudness, in the midst of the chaos, in the midst of the demons within, God whispers to me, “I’m here”.

I fight. I focus.
For another five minutes.

Five Minute Friday

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  • Ashley

    I love how you ended with “I fight. I focus.” It often is a fight to focus especially in our current culture. But His gentle whisper of “I’m here” reassures us that the victory is His! Keep fighting!!

  • Kel Rohlf

    T.S. Eliot once wrote…”distracted from distractions by distractions” …I can totally relate to the inner struggle and the need to be quieted within…great post…seeds of a poem here I think πŸ™‚

  • I so understand the effort and fight to focus on what He wants. Especially since I am so easily distracted by bright shiny things of this world. Fighting right along with you #fmfparty sister! πŸ˜‰

  • Oh mylanta this was a brilliant 5 minute write! I love it. . .
    and your writing is so organized….clearly you succeed when you fight for focus πŸ™‚
    So thrilled you stopped by for the #FMFParty so I knew to visit!

    • Thx Nikki, thrilled to have met you too! πŸ™‚