Writing has become my passion.

It is what drives me. It helps me process. It’s how I learn. I’m at my best when I’m working through an idea. For me, it is a spiritual activity- like someone is whispering things into my ears and I’m just the notetaker. When I’m done (for a moment) I let out  a deep breath, and feel at peace knowing that for a a little while my heart and mind were connected with the Spirit of God.

It’s not about who reads it, but what it taught me through it. It’s not about the quantity of words written or erased, but what came to the surface, and sometimes more importantly, what settled below. Every detail matters. Every word has it’s place.

Last weekend I drove home from Starbucks after a three hour writing session with a pounding headache. The kind that you have to squint to see because it hurts so bad.

But while I was driving home that afternoon, I said a prayer to God, “Lord, if writing means feeling like this, then it’s worth it.”

And I meant it with all my heart.

When you’re doing something you love doing, something like a migraine won’t affect your passion. It may be slightly annoying, but it’s not going to cause you to quit and throw in the towel.

Some days I feel like a complete weirdo. Some days I wish I could just think like a normal human being. But truth be told I feel like I’m most alive when my mind starts spinning and I’m putting words on paper.

What is it that makes you feel the most alive? What ignites passion inside of you? What’s the word you would put in the blank? For the Love of ______________