There are times we begin a journey and everything is planned out, mapped out, and comes with a contingency plan.

Other times, however, we start out on a journey not knowing where it will lead or how long it will last. All we know is we must move forward. So forward we go willingly, but cautiously. All we see is a dense fog in front of us- fog so thick that it slows us down and stops us in our tracks. We question our safety and wonder the purpose for the journey. Forward is the only way, but fear stops us.

What is your fear today? Yes, that thing. 

Finally, we take a step. And then another. And another.

Before we know it we’re in the midst of the fog and the fear subsides. We look back to where we came from and now know why we’re here. We’ve adjusted. We’ve grown. We’re different. But the journey continues on. Forward still looks scary and we can’t see too far ahead, but we pause and remember how far we come.

But we must keep going.

I’ve been on a journey. A journey affecting every part of me- emotional, physical, intellectual, spiritual. And right now, the season I’m in feels like a pivotal one. It feels slightly paralyzing and at the same time exhilarating.

There are no guarantees, nothing confirming the outcome. Just a lot of prayer, prompting, and a whole lot of, God I really hope this is you, going on. It’s the type of thing I must choose whether to look forward into the fog and have faith or one where I shrink back in fear. Either way, it’s my choice and I have to make it.

As scary as it is, I do know one thing. The fear of not moving forward is greater than the fear of failure. I must try. I must move forward.

My phrase for the year has been, “Be Brave; Be Strong”.

As a mom.
As a runner.
As a Christian.
As a writer.
As a woman.

I’ve been tested in so many areas already this year, and every single one has made me stronger. Not because I knew what to do (many times I failed miserably), but because I stayed the course. I didn’t give up. Mile 13 of a half marathon is tough, it feels like the. longest. mile. But right around the corner is the end. The finish line. And it’ll all be worth it.

What kind of journey are you on? What area are you being tested in? Keep moving forward. Don’t give up.

Mandy Sig

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