Filipe and I have been hanging out at Catalyst¬†the last two days. It’s been a great time for me personally. Many of you know my love for leadership¬†environments, and Catalyst never seems to disappoint.

My favorite part this year was connecting with our staff, leaders, and volunteers. We had a team of 25 with us. We had many encouraging and uplifting conversations, shared our meals together, and simply enjoyed one another’s company. Just spending time together outside of your normal environment is so healthy for a team.

The theme of the conference was, Be Present. They challenged us to cut out distractions and stay in the moment. I’ve been convicted and challenged in this area in my personal life over the last six weeks or so, and I loved that it was the theme of this event too. I felt like I was able to focus more over the last two days. In our current culture, it can be hard to silence and put away the phone, forget about twitter and facebook, and get into the lives of those directly in front of you. Being reminded of its significance and getting in the habit of practicing it, is so important and necessary.

Thanks Catalyst for the reminder.

Here’s a few pics of our time together.

You may not be able to tell by the pic, but the Asian culture dominates our team. We were introduced to the world famous Taiwanese bakery, 85C, and weren’t disappointed.

Some of the girls chillin’ on the hammocks.

The South Bay Team.