When it come to brands, I’m really weird. Not because I have to have the brand. I’m picky about how it’s displayed. For example, if there’s a shirt with a logo displayed really big, I’m instantly turned off. Even if it’s “cool” or whatever. I just don’t like being a walking billboard- for anyone. I have a hoodie with “Ralph Lauren” across it in big, white letters. I rarely go out in public with it on. If you come over and I’m wearing it, you’re probably a really close friend. It was cheap and comfy, that’s why I bought it.

But of course, there are some brands I am loyal to. Some have come and gone with the fad of the week, but others are here to stay. Looking back over the years, I can see where my loyalty lies, and what was just a brand affair.

Here are my top 5:

#5. Carters socks- It wasn’t until my third child that I finally got a clue. The cheap socks that I kept replacing weren’t cheap after all. I kept buying them over and over again thinking the fraying and stretching would magically stop somewhere along the way. The good socks are so worth it for me now. And when I find ’em at TJ Maxx or Ross it’s even better. Oh and I’m partial to Carters onesies too.





#4. Diapers & Wipes- I couldn’t separate them, these two just go together. I am subscribed to these two items on Amazon Mom, and haven’t had a reason to stop. Except of course when my youngest is potty trained. I’ve been buying diapers for five and a half years straight. The day I don’t have to anymore, there will be a party.






#3. Moleskine Notebooks– I don’t want to be a journal snob, and I do still try others every now and them. But in between trying new styles I always seem to return to the place I first fell in love with a journal. Different colors, different sizes. I love them all. Plus they’re from Italy. Everything’s better from Italy, right? 





#2. Pilot G2 Pens– I started using Pilot G2 pens when I worked as an administrative assistant for our previous church’s young adult/college ministry. The pastor I worked for requested them when I went on supply runs to Office Max. I always enjoyed writing (pen & paper writing) so much more when I used them. I have a purse full.






#1. Deodorant– In high school I was a Secret girl, but when I went off to college I became a Dove girl. And I haven’t changed since. Okay, so I do change up scents, but not the brand. For over 14 years I’ve used Dove deodorant. That’s insane!






What are some of your favorite brands?