I love the Olympics. I love the athletes. I love all the countries coming together. I love it all.

The kids and I are watching the last day of coverage this morning and just enjoying the last events.  Lily is currently mesmerized by the synchronized swimming. It’s been fun to see her get excited about all of the sports.

Photo Credit: David Pilbrow (Creative Commons)

What I love most about the Olympics is the stories of the athletes. Their determination, their discipline, their perseverance, their passion for what they do. It’s all inspiring.

Athletes like Oscar Pistorius, the “The Blade Runner”, and Sarah Attar, the first woman to represent Saudia Arabia in track & field. They didn’t win, but they sure inspired.

Then there are those whom you just watch and say, “wow!”.

Gabby Douglas, Usain Bolt, Missy Franklin, Michael Phelps, Misty & Kerri …just to name a few.

It’s amazing to me how with each Olympics skills get more difficult(gymnastics) and records are broken (track & field). The human body is an amazing thing. We have no idea the things we’re capable of until we’ve trained and pushed harder, longer, farther. It’s pretty amazing.

For example. Check out this video of the fastest sprinters of all time.

We also like to see the athletes having a little fun. Here’s my daughters favorite video.

What were your favorite Olympic moments this year?
Mine was watching the U.S. Gymnastics team win gold.