Today is my birthday (33 if you’re wondering my age- no shame), and a wonderful few days it has been. I feel so blessed to have amazing family and friends in my life.

photo (8)A few weeks ago I got up the nerve to schedule my first Stitch Fix. I knew my birthday was right around the corner, so that was my “reasoning”. I don’t have money to just throw around whenever so I have to plan ahead…way ahead.

What is Stitch Fix?!?! Oh, I’m so glad you asked. Stitch Fix is your online personal shopper. Perfect for a non-shopper like me. Seriously, as much as I want to be, I can’t handle it.

Last Wednesday I was sick with a head cold and my Stitch Fix box landed on my doorstep. It’s funny what can quickly change your mood. I marched right upstairs and started trying on everything.

The Results:

All in all, I like four out of five items. One shirt was way too big. The rest I loved…until I looked at the price tag (those darn price tags will get ya every time), and I loved it a little bit less.

So, I just couldn’t do it all. I tried. I wanted to, but I couldn’t. So, I’m left with an amazing pair of jeans and a really cute cardigan.

Will I do it again? Maybe…on my next birthday?! I loved it, but I can’t afford to do it all too often. I love the concept, I love the personalization, and my experience with the company was top notch.

My Advice:

For those of you who want to try it, you should…maybe for a birthday or special occasion, or if you have money to spend.

Fill out an honest profile. Seriously girls, be honest about what you like and what clothes you would really put on in the morning. If you’re not going to put on heels everyday, don’t pretend like you will. 

That’s my take. Have you tried Stitch Fix? Let me know how you like(d) it.