So, if you wonder where I disappeared to, last week we took a family vacation to San Diego.  Vacation has a little different meaning when you are traveling with three kids four and under, but we had a blast and it was great for our family to get away together.

Here are some of the highlights (& a few low points too):
– All 3 kids did GREAT in the car (a 7 hour drive)- and they didn’t watch any movies or iPods.  I’m still amazed at how well they did.  At one point on our way down, Lily told me, “Mom it’s okay, we’ll be there soon.”

– Spent a couple of nights in Orange County with my parents and grandparents.  Good to spend time with family.

– We found a great “deal” for a hotel on priceline a few months ago.  When we arrived it seemed okay, but when we got to our room we were a little disgusted.  It was old and dirty and just not the place we wanted to be for the next 5 days (note- if a hotel says, “historic” watch out, could just mean “old”).  Thankfully I have a husband who cares about the standards of excellence at hotels and we were quickly out of there (w/out having to pay).  We headed to a Starbucks and Filipe found a better deal online than the first- a Sheraton right on the water for $69/night.

– Drove all around San Diego.  Impressed with how clean the city is and how much there is to do.

– Ate Chick-fil-a…twice!

– Visited the San Diego Zoo.  Amazing!

– The girls both got fevers (Cailyn on Tues. night, Lily on Wed. night).  It didn’t last more than a few hours.  I guess we wore them out.

– Visited Sea World.  Gotta love Shamu.

– All the walking we did I’m sure made up for skipping P90X, but eating out every meal probably didn’t.

Here’s some pics (you can click on them to enlarge):

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