As I wrap up this series talking about goal-setting, I want to finish it off by reminding you to have fun.

No one said your goals have to be boring. Just like you are in control of the goals you make, you’re also in control of how you accomplish them. You can either make it miserable or have fun. 

Making goals fun is an easy motivator and will help you look forward to your goal even more. You just have to define what “fun” is for you. As I get older, fun looks a lot different than it used to, but I’m okay with that. Maybe sometimes “fun” feels like too much pressure; maybe “fulfilling” is a better word.

Here are some of my examples of “fun”:

  • Travel- I look ahead at the different trips planned throughout the year. Instead of not running because of traveling, I usually build running into my schedule (unless it’s a quick 24-48 hr. trip). It helps me look forward to it even more (adding “running in Athens” to my schedule was definitely fun) and keeps my goal on track.
  • Playlist- I have playlists for different goals. I have a writing playlist of all kinds of music depending on how I need to be inspired/motivated. I have a running playlist with mostly rap/hip hop music (currently a mix of Hamilton, Propaganda, & Lecrae)  that brings out “holy discontent” about specific issues of injustice. It helps me run faster because I direct all of my political frustrations onto the pavement. I promise it’s fun.
  • Fuel- When I write, my go-to “fun” fuel is coffee and trail mix. Healthy is fun too, and it makes me feel better. I limit coffee to the morning hours making my 5am-noon block something to look forward to even more.
  • Spice- I love spicy food. Jalapeños and pepperoncini, sriracha and tabasco all make boring, healthy food taste better. It also makes me look forward to eating healthy more often. 

These examples don’t include a whole lot of hoopla, but they do keep mundane, ordinary days exciting. You may not like any of mine, and that’s okay. But think through what makes life “fun” for you. Maybe a hot cup of tea gets you out of bed in the morning. Maybe country music puts a little more pep in your step. Whatever it is, give yourself permission to enjoy it and SMILE.

And if you find yourself miserable and bored with your goal, go back to Week One and re-evaluate. You may need to re-adjust. 

You may need a new goal altogether. And guess what? That’s okay too! Please don’t consider 2018 a failure already and give up. Start today, whether it’s the 1st or the 21st, whether it’s a Monday or a Thursday, and give yourself enough grace to say Yes to Today. Make 2018 a great year!


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