Last January I began looking for a preschool for Lily to go to this fall.  Still feeling like newbies in the valley, I felt a little overwhelmed heading into the process with so many choices out there.

When we started talking to Lily about going to school she was pretty resistant to the thought.  About a week after Efraim was born Filipe took her to an open house at one of the preschools we were considering.  As they were walking around, he asked her if she wanted to go to school there and she replied, “yeah when I’m 10!”.  Lily is so shy around new people and new situations- which is one of the many reasons we wanted her to go- especially before heading into kindergarten next year.

Up until now we have been our kids primary influence, but this year marks a turning point.  I look at this year being a transition year for all of us.

By the beginning of the summer we decided on a small Christian preschool nearby.  Ever since we enrolled her and told her about it, she’s been so excited and talked about it all summer long.  She goes two mornings a week (Tues. & Thurs.)  Her friend Caedmon is in her class too- it’s always nice to have someone you know.

The week preschool started was so emotional for me.  I was watching her and just amazed at how much older she looked- she’s growing up so fast!

Here’s some pics from the first day.