A couple weeks ago I received an email asking to submit some articles to a website about small groups & leadership.  The website is called Small Group Trader and is an awesome website for small group resources- I’m thrilled just having found their site since they are helpful for me as a small group leader too!  They are connected to Bluefish – a website that I have used resources from for a few years now.  

After checking out the website, I was thrilled/honored/overwhelmed for the opportunity!  This type of thing couldn’t be more perfect for me.  It involves three of the things I’m passionate about:  writing, small groups, & leadership. 

Over the weekend I submitted my first article and it was published yesterday!  The title is:  “How Do I Handle the Constant Talker?”  

If you’re a small group leader out there, I’d love to here how you handle the constant talker.

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