We had so much fun with the kids this weekend.

We took the girls to a nearby neighborhood (the same one South Bay is in) to go trick or treating. And let me tell you- this was “the” neighborhood to go to. There were tons of people on every street, and people lined up outside of people’s doors to get candy.

There was one house that attracted a huge crowd, we couldn’t figure out what was going on until we got closer and saw that they had put a TV in the window for people to watch the Giants/Ranger game. [For those of you who aren’t aware- the San Francisco Giants are only ONE game away from winning the World Series. Let’s just say it’s a pretty BIG deal here right now. I haven’t watched a World Series game in 10+ years…until now. Go Giants!!!]

A couple from South Bay live in the neighborhood and let us all stop in for a break (the Wood family was there to!). After Cailyn ate a couple pieces of candy she began to help pass out candy- except she didn’t give the kids the candy from the big basket, no, she gave them the candy from her own bucket! Later I asked Cailyn, “isn’t it more fun to give than receive?!” She said, “yes!”.

Sleeping Beauty, Monkey, & Tinkerbell