Yesterday we celebrated South Bay Church’s 1st anniversary.  It’s pretty incredible to look back over the last year and see all God has done.  The focus of the morning was on celebrating the individual life God has changed. 

Below are two of the videos we showed during service.  The first is a recap of the history of South Bay- going ALL the way back to the 80’s.  The second is a video of several of our sponsors congratulating South Bay and issuing several challenges for the years ahead. 

Year in Review Year in Review

 About this video:
“Check out our first year in review! It has been amazing to see what God has done in just one year! This is our story of families making sacrifices, volunteers stepping up, and lives being changed and effected forever with the love of Christ.”


Encouraging Words Encouraging Words

 About this video:
“As we celebrated our first year anniversary we were able to hear from some pastors of churches that we are blessed to be sponsored by. Listen in as they share their heart and a challenge to South Bay Church.”

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