We’ve been celebrating Cailyn the last few days.  She turned 4 yesterday, Nov. 2nd, but because of our busy schedule we decided to celebrate early- on Halloween night.  We figured since everyone would already be in party mode, why not make it a little bigger.  We thought of that on Thurs. night, which gave me 3 days to plan and execute a birthday party.  Good thing it would only be a small party with family, close friends, & neighbors.

It was Tangled themed- the new Disney movie about Rapunzel, and it’s so cute.  I don’t mind when they watch that one over and over and over.

We made lots of “floating lights” aka lanterns, & banners w/ sun medallions.

And Rapunzel’s Braid of course!

Dad was our hero and made the lights “float”.

The food table included: Hazelnut Pumpkin Soup, Bread w/ Orange Butter, Cheese & Crackers, Grapes & Blueberries, & Jello Boats

Rapunzel’s Tower Cake

Cailyn & Simar (our neighbor)

Family Pic

For her birthday breakfast she requested M&M pancakes!!

And she FINALLY got her baby book (of her 1st year).  It only took me 3 years to make!

She spent the morning playing with her new toys…in her new Rapunzel dress of course!

This evening she chose to eat at Panda Express for dinner.  Our life group meets on Wed. nights so we knew our evening would be a little chaotic.  She helped me make chocolate cupcakes (w/ pink frosting & rainbow sprinkles) for our group tonight, and afterward our whole life group sang Happy Birthday to her.

Pretty special day (week) for a special little girl.  Happy Birthday Cailyn Grace.  We love you so much!!!