I remember writing papers in high school.  The last thing I wrote was the bibliography page.  The page you list all your sources.  Title, author, publisher, etc.  I’ll never forget being annoyed at the process.  (Remember I didn’t grow up being a writer.)  Who cares who the publisher is? was my attitude toward it all.

A lot has changed since then.

Now, one of the first things I look at on a book cover is the publisher.  All that fine print that I didn’t care about or even think was important I now read word. for. word.

Yesterday it was announced that Harper Collins bought Thomas Nelson.  Harper Collins is the parent company of Zondervan meaning the top two Christian publishers will be owned by the same company.

It’s no secret I have affections for Thomas Nelson.  A post by Michael Hyatt (former CEO, current chairman of Thomas Nelson) back in 2009 is why.  It’s the company’s content standards.

When I read them, I remember something deep down inside of me come alive.  I connected so much with their vision as a company.  From that day on, I didn’t just have a dream to be a writer.  It got specific.  I dreamed of writing a book published by Thomas Nelson.

How do I feel about the Harper Collins deal?  I was a little sad at first not knowing what happened.  But, really, it’s just business and publishing is an interesting industry right now.  I just hope the same vision continues on.