Has it really been almost a month?!?!  Seriously?

Well, I’m super excited to get back to blogging, back to a routine, back to some normalcy.

I’ve so enjoyed our summer.  Every week this summer we’ve had something going on- something a little different and out of the ordinary.  It’s made for a very fun, but very busy summer.

I’m also excited to share with you a new direction I’m going with my blog.  

I will continue to post about my life as a full-time wife (a pastor’s wife at that) and mom (more Mom Secrets are coming), but I’m expanding and adding to it.  I’m adding more about my life as a writer called- Writing Wednesdays.

If you’ve ever been around me more than five minutes, you’ve probably heard me talk about my heart and passion for writing.  The desire began 8+ years ago, but about two years ago, instead of fighting the desire, I began embracing it.

– I began blogging more seriously/consistently.
– I wrote a couple articles for a website.
– I began reading everything I could find about writing (books, blogs, etc).

Then eight months ago, I started writing a story, a book, whatever you want to call it.  It’s something close to my heart, something that has continued to fan the writing flame inside of me.  I don’t know where it will take me or what will come of it, but I do know that I’m learning a lot about writing as I…write.  Go figure.

Lately I’m spending a great deal of time writing and re-writing this story, and as I continue the process, I want to take you along with me in my journey.  So look for writing updates every Wednesday.

I considered creating a whole new blog for this- I’m sure many pros would tell me it would be more successful to do so, but I just couldn’t do it.  I can’t isolate one part of me and pretend the rest isn’t there.  I can’t focus solely on being mom- and create a mommy blog, because the writing side of me would suffocate.  Neither could I only focus on writing and pretend being a mom and wife isn’t my number one responsibility in life right now.

It’s all important to me, and I want to have the freedom to express it all through this blog.

I will commit to make things as accessible as possible.  I’m working on being more succinct with my categories so you can find the posts you are most interested in.  Let me know of anything that would be more helpful for you (the reader) to find.

I would love your feedback- as long as you don’t tell me to create a new blog.  I’m multi-tasking enough already. 🙂

Stay tuned.