Ever heard the phrase, “ignorance is bliss”  or “what you don’t know can’t hurt you”?  Well, that’s pretty much the attitude I’ve had when it comes to food, where it comes from, and what I’m actually putting into my body.  Because frankly sometimes you just like to eat certain things and you don’t want to know if it’s bad for you or not.

In 2008 a documentary was released called, Food, Inc. Heard of it?  Well, I heard about it then and knew it was something I needed to see.  As time went by I forgot about it…until several months ago when I noticed it on Netflix’s instant movies.  Now I had no excuse, it was pretty much staring me in the face.

For a while I purposely didn’t watch it because I knew that once I did I would have to change some things, and I wasn’t quite ready.  Grocery shopping is a daunting task already, and I just wasn’t ready to take it up another level.  But lately, every time I go to the grocery store I’m reminded of that movie and wonder if I would be putting the same chicken or beef in my cart after seeing it.  Most likely not.

Well, one afternoon last week I wasn’t feeling well, so instead of doing P90X I decided to watch Food, Inc.  I figured it would be my “healthy” thing for the day.  Two words that best describe how I felt after seeing it are disgusted and appalled.  Disgusted with what I’m eating, and appalled with the lack of integrity and greed coming from the government and food corporations.  I think the latter is what bothers me the most.  I can understand ignorance much more than a lack of integrity.

So, with new knowledge there comes a choice.  Do I change or not?  Will I do the work necessary to make sure our family has (real)  healthy food options?  I’m working hard to change.  I know it’s not the easiest thing I’ve done, but I think the benefits far outweigh the difficulty of it. And

And if you’re wondering…I’m not going all crazy extreme on this stuff.  I won’t demand grass-fed only beef if I come over to your house for dinner nor will I check the labels on your food to make sure there aren’t any artificial ingredients.  I’m just trying to do what I can, and after seeing what these companies are doing, I have no desire to give them 1 penny.  I just may have to take my relationship with Whole Food and Trader Joes to a whole new level.

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