One of my favorite things about being involved in ministry is watching and helping people search for God’s will in their life. I love seeing them take risks and start doing things they never thought were possible. I’ve seen some of the most insecure people rise up and become fearless leaders.

However, in search of “God’s will”, I get concerned when I see people carelessly attach God’s name to things and boast about what [they think] God told them. They say, “God has called me to _____” or “God told me _____”. Sometimes it seems the stronger the statement the more they can make themselves believe it and it will happen. Now, I’m not doubting that God is speaking, he very well may be. But often, in my experience, the ones who are continually boasting in this way never get around to doing “it”, and before long they have a new “calling” for their life. I think someone is off and I don’t think it’s God!

Proverbs 19:21 says, “A man may have many plans in his heart. But the LORD’s purpose wins out in the end.” We can get so caught up with a good idea and want it so desperately that we feel like it should be God’s will for our life, but its not. It may have never been to begin with.

Maybe instead of saying, “God told me to go to Africa” (or wherever) say “I really feel like God may be leading me to Africa”. Then if you suddenly realized you got your continent wrong you can just say, “I was wrong”, not God. We can feel so pressured to have a “plan” with our life that we try to rush what God has for us. It’s easy to get ahead of our dreams and caught up in the idea of what we want, but if we’re not careful we can lose our credibility among other people and ultimately become a bad witness for God by making such bold, hasty statements.

There have been times in my life where I wasn’t sure if I was hearing God or not (college, who to marry, etc.). I thought I heard God, but wasn’t sure. The more I listened and was obedient the closer I got to where He was leading me. It was His voice, but I couldn’t be completely sure until I got there. There have also been times where I was wrong and it was just a good idea. I have learned that hindsight is 20/20- looking back over many situations I can say without a doubt whether God had spoken to me or not.

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