History was made yesterday at the very first public worship service for South Bay Church- and it was incredible to say the least! The morning began at 7am with a group of volunteers unloading trucks and starting the set up process. There was a little nervousness on all of our parts because it was the first time everything had been set up together and there could have been many potential disasters. Thankfully, the overall set up went great- and though things weren’t perfect, equipment worked and there were no major problems. Stacie did a great job organizing & staffing Baykids, it looked incredible- especially for having to run everything from the nursery to 5th grade inside of the school library!

As the 5 minute countdown rolled to 0:00, Archie started the worship set and Filipe & I walked to the front to take our seats. I was so overwhelmed with emotion- every time I tried to sing the worship songs, tears filled my eyes. Everything that led to that moment was truly the work of God- from the vision that was birthed in Andy over 10 years ago to each of our 3 families moving to the Bay area only 2 months ago. All of the preparation that went into that moment and it was finally here! For our 3 families, it was like a wedding day. There was such an enormous amount of resources and energy that went into that hour and fifteen minutes. As the service continued, Andy gave a clear message about the question, “Who is Jesus”? The most important aspect of the morning was that God was there with us- I think His Spirit impacted every person that came to the service that morning. In all there were 175 people (including about 40 children), and 5 people made a commitment to Jesus.

Like a wedding day is the beginning of a lifetime, this service marked the beginning for South Bay Church. I can’t wait to see what God will continue to do here in the Bay area. I believe He desires to do big things here, that He will be glorified here- I feel honored to be a part of it.

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