I’m thrilled to partner with my dear friend, Jenn, over at Applegate Summers¬†today as she participates in 31 days led by The Nester. Filipe and I met Jenn, and her husband Kevin, in college and cherish¬†any chance we get to spend time with them- they are some of the most encouraging and uplifting people to be around.

Jenn is posting every day for 31 days about how to love your husband. I love her heart to do this and know it will bless you so. You’re doing awesome Jenn!!


I love it when my husband and I have an opportunity to teach about marriage together. I consider it free marriage counseling. I mean, how can you study marriage with your spouse without asking each other, “Do I do that?”, or wondering where you stand in certain areas of your marriage?!

The last couple years my husband, Filipe, and I have led small groups (as a part of our church) focused on marriage. We put together many of the concepts, beliefs, and practices we’ve found important in our own marriage and turned it into something we call “The Oneness Experience”.

I want to share with you a summarized version and an exercise to do with your spouse. Continue reading here…