The emotional roller coasters that life bring us are hard to sort out sometimes. This week marks the 5th anniversary of one my dearest friend’s death. Monday, March 31st, was the day of her car accident and Thursday, April 3rd, was the day she died.

Saturday, April 5th, 2003, is my 5th wedding anniversary- the day I married the man of my dreams and whom I love so deeply. He has brought me more joy in life than anything or anyone else.

Every year I struggle during this week knowing how to feel. Happiness or Sadness. Joy or Sorrow. I experience almost all of them- yet I feel guilty that I should be experiencing the other. Kind of confusing.

Though sometimes I wish the accident never happened, I can’t change the past, but only learn through it. I force myself not to wish she were here, but to wish I were with her- with our Savior Jesus, in His perfect & Holy presence where there is no suffering or pain. Nothing on this earth could be worth the exchange.

I saw this video on one my friends’ sites and it inspired me to write this today. I was trying to get through this week without mentioning this, but I couldn’t do it. That week tested my faith in God more than any other event in my life and my main goal in life is to be completely satisfied in Jesus Christ no matter what life throws at me.

John Piper- The Prosperity Gospel

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