**This post was supposed to get out on Monday.  Sorry for the looooong delay.

Last week everyone in our family was sick.  By sick I mean a bad cold (cough, runny nose, and headaches)- enough inconvenience us, but not so bad that it was serious for anyone.

The timing of sicknesses is somewhat peculiar.  I mean I guess anytime is inconvenient, but for us, it seems that they are right in the middle of something important.  Over the weekend we had two major events that South Bay served in- a city street dance on Friday night and a Family BBQ after church on Sunday.  For these busy weekends it’s important for Filipe and I to be on our a-game as a family so we serve as much as we can together as a family.  But,  not this time.

This time it felt like we were in survival mode.

Though it’s never ideal, we can learn through these situations.  It was a reminder for me that as much as we can plan and prepare sometimes things just don’t end up the way we expect.  Whether it’s a big or little thing, in the midst of it, it usually feels like a big deal.

After feeling frustrated at how things turned out, God reminded me that He wasn’t thrown off guard or caught by surprise- He knew how the weekend would turn out, and He was with us (& our family) through it all.

Thankfully, I was able to make it to church Sunday morning.  I hadn’t left the house between Tues. and Sat. so I was determined we would get there.  The girls were doing better, and I was (somewhat) okay.  Efraim had started to get the cold so I just kept him with me during the services.

There was a mission team in town helping us through our events, and on Sunday morning, they brought me flowers.  It was such a blessing to me and completely made my day.  It may seem small, but through it, God reminded me that what we were going through wasn’t an inconvenience to Him.

So, just something to think about.

What situations are you faced with that are out of your control?  How do you deal with them when they are happening?