It’s the last week of school. And I couldn’t be more relieved excited. It’s been a great year for us. Both girls have done really well. But I’m exhausted Ready. For. Summer.

Our school hosted an open house last week. All the parents are invited to see the kids’ work from throughout the school year as well as meet the teachers in the next grade. The girls were thrilled to show me their work. And I was pretty amazed at all they actually did. I see a lot from what they bring home, but it’s so much different in the classroom.

Open House Tour

Lily guided Cailyn & I through all of the stations in her class.
I learned about the stages of a butterfly (& saw real butterflies that had just “hatched” from their cocoons  & different types of liquid.

Here are their self-portraits:


photo (14)

Filipe may have said something about Marilyn Manson when he saw it, but, when I gave him the evil stare, changed it to Marilyn Monroe. You can decide what you think. She’s five people!


photo (16)

She’s seven.
You see where it says, “favorite person”. Yep, she answered, “my daddy”.
I don’t feel slighted in the least.

How’s Efraim doing? Efraim is doing just fine. More mischievous than ever, but it’s part of what makes him so cute. He asks me almost every day, “When I go to school?”. I just respond with, “When your five”. He tries to convince me he’s five, but I’m not convinced.

He goes to the gym most days with me where a young guy (in his twenties) takes care of the kids. Efraim loves him, and they have a blast together. Through the window, I watch him climb the tunnel and play; he comes to the window and waves to me as I sweat on the treadmill. It’s a win-win for both of us.

I posted this pic on instagram the other day.

photo (15)

I wish you could have heard what he was saying. He’s holding a bag a trail mix (w/ M&M’s of course!) behind his back and telling the girls: “Listen to the rules, girls. We have to share. I’ll give each of you a little bit.” A few seconds later, each of them were holding a little in their hands and eating it together (Efraim still had control of the bag). His big sister teaches him all he knows about how to boss people around.

We have four days left of school, and come Monday we will celebrate! I love summertime. I love having the kids to myself. I feel like it’s a time when I can really focus on them individually without having to think so much about academics. Last week I started identifying areas in each of them to focus in on more intentionally, areas that have nothing to do with academics.

We may do a little reading. We may practice our writing. But mostly, we will have fun together.

I can’t wait.