Tonight was the first night of small group. The first night always stresses me out and makes me nervous-everything is new and unpredictable. So many girls want to come (or say they want to come!), but then you never know if it’s just good intentions or if they really will come. Plus on top of that I can never start a group with a lesson, so it’s always a little awkward. No one knows each other, there’s not much to teach about, and it’s just one of those social frustrations that you always have to get through for the good stuff to start.

Well I can definately say I was blown away tonight by all that God did. I knew that there was a lot of interest in the group- it’s a group on guy/girl relationships- but I didn’t want to get my hopes up that all these girls that said they wanted to come would ACTUALLY come! I finally counted 36 girls…I couldn’t believe it! I’m so excited about this study and these girls. Now, I just hope they come back next week…yikes!!!

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