I got up and ready before 7:30 this morning before all the kids were up.  I even ironed my clothes.

My plan was to take all the kids with me to drop off Lily and Caedmon (Andy & Stacie’s little boy) at preschool and run some errands before 10:30am.

Thursdays are busy since I spend much of it driving the kids around (preschool and ballet classes).  I like it (it’s only like this once a week), but it requires a lot of prep time on my part to keep everything running smooth.

Today I even had a slow cooker recipe prepped for dinner to make it easier once we get back home.  I was feeling pretty good about my day.


At 7:45 Filipe came in and said that Lily wasn’t feeling good and didn’t want to go to school.  Lily loves going to school so for her to want to miss it we knew something was wrong.

So we’re taking a sick day and staying home- both girls and I have had colds all week so hopefully we can get ourselves better before the weekend.

It’s amazing how fast your plans can change when your schedule is dependent on three little ones.

All I keep thinking about is…

Why did I get up at 6:30?!?!