In honor of Holy Week, I am sharing different qualities of who Jesus is to me and their significance. Today this one also fits right in with Writing Wednesday. Gotta love a 2 for 1! 

#1. Jesus is…Lord
#2. Jesus is…Faithful

#3. Jesus is…a Writer. 

Of all the things God chose to leave with us, He chose his Word. The written word.   And centuries after God created the heavens and the earth we can read about it and what it was all for. We can hear his heart, understand his character, and know what He wants from us. All from reading his words.

Every now and then writing feels frustrating and impossible. To formulate the rights thoughts into words, and then convey them in a way that others understand your implicit meaning isn’t easy. I sometimes wonder what the point really is and try to convince myself that no one cares anyway.

But I can’t.

It matters.
Words matter.

Words have power.

Words inspire.
Words change.

The Bible wasn’t written in a day, it wasn’t written in a moment. God slowly and carefully spoke to man and he penned his words one by one. Each one penned God’s story for us. The story of Adam & Eve, the story of Abraham, the story of the Israelites, the story of David, the story of lovers, the story of enemies. All of them are there for us to read.

Each word breathes life. Each word breathes hope. Each word matters.

The complete work is for all of us. It’s the best selling book of all time. Available in over 450 languages, it targets all of humanity.

Do you have one? If not, go get one. There’s no other book like it.

The Voice Bible just released this month and it’s a fabulous dynamic equivalent translation that reads like a story. I recently got a New Testament copy of it, and it’s incredible.


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