Last week I heard Dave Ramsey say something that stopped me in my tracks. Well, I was driving, so I didn’t stop, but it sure did get my attention. I’m pretty sure he was quoting someone else, but I didn’t hear who it was because I wasn’t paying attention until after I heard what he said.

He said, “The only difference between now and 10-20 years from now are the books you read and the people you meet.”

Go ahead and re-read that again.

What books have you read that set you on a different course? I can think back to many in the last ten years that completely changed my thinking, which in turn changed my habits and set me on a different course.

Here’s a little review on some books I’ve finished this month.

1. Who Is This Man?

John Ortberg beautifully describes who Jesus is and how He continues to impact the world at large. There are so many things He did I didn’t realize (and I grew up learning about Him). From the arts and education to giving women and children a place in society, Jesus’s imprint is all around us. If you’ve ever wondered who Jesus is or never really understand what He did on Earth, I urge you to read this book and find out. If you’ve read about Him your whole life still, read through this and remind yourself of just how amazing He is. It is stunning.

2.Sparkly Green Earrings

This is a book for moms. The author Melanie Shankle takes the reader through her world as a first-time mom. It is funny and thought-provoking. If you’re looking for an easy, light-hearted read, pick this up. You’ll be laughing your way through it.


I’ve followed Jon Acuff since he started StuffChristiansLike back in 2008. I love the truth in his writing and the humor in how he does it. He’s such a great example of someone who refused to let fear hold him back. I’m so thankful because he can teach all of us how he did it and what he learned in the process. I’m hoping he can help me get further faster (Andy Stanley phrase) by applying the things he learned to my life.

What are you reading?! Any recommendation?