This past week South Bay Church hosted Kid’s Games, and it was amazing!!  Kids Games is a sport and arts program designed for kids ages 3-11 years old.  Kids take part in a variety of sports and arts, as well as a Compassion Project, Bible story time, Music, and Small Group time.

Kids Games is now in every country around the world.  Starting in the year 2000 in Cairo Egypt, it has grown around the world.  We were thrilled to take part and offer this amazing program.

A mission team of adults and students from Lakepoint Church come to help run the program, and they were great!  I don’t know how we could have pulled it off without them.  Over 100 kids from the community came- most of whom have never been to South Bay.

I volunteered to run the Guest Services area which meant I had to have all 3 kids up and at the school by 8am (the program went from 9-12:30pm).  It felt like quite an accomplishment by the end of the week.  I have NO idea how people do that full-time. NO IDEA!!!  It wasn’t really waking up that early that was the thing- it was being out of the house that early (that many days in a row).

Overall, I had a blast, the girls had a blast, and we played a role in impacting our community for Christ.

A few other fun things from the week:
– Each day was a different theme- sports day, crazy hair day, hat day, team color day.
– The kids were able to choose a different sports/creative art emphasis- the skateboarders had to be the cutest (& coolest!).

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