Filipe and I took a mini vacation last week to Lake Tahoe and oh my was it BEAUTIFUL!!! The combination of the mountains, lake, snow, and sun was amazing. The purpose of our vacation was to relax and take a break. Lily and Cailyn stayed with Filipe’s parents so we were able to go knowing they were okay. It was such a refreshing time and had been a loooooong time since we were able to actually sleep in without having to be awaken to crying and kids to take care of. We didn’t go skiing, but are excited to do it on another trip. I was able to go to the spa for an hour long massage and facial- worth every penny! Here are a couple pics of our trip- the rest are on my facebook page.

I love the snow on the beach.

The city below is where our hotel was. The gondola went straight up to the ski area. Great view. Breathtaking!

Drinking hot chocolate on top- where all the skiers/snowboarders were. We even saw a couple getting married up there- dressed in their ski clothes!

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