We had another incredible day at the Leadership Summit.  Each session completely wrecked me and challenged my beliefs and thinking.  There was something about every speaker that left me wanting more.

Inspiring might even be an understatement.

There are times when we hear something new and challenging and we walk out feeling good and inspired and life goes on pretty much the same.

Then there are others times when you hear something new and challenging and it seems to intersect our life in a way that alters its course.  This Summit may have just done that for me.

Once again, here is a recap.  It was tough trying to narrow down one thing per speaker, but I tried the best I could.  There were SO many great words of wisdom.  I feel honored to sit under these leaders and simply listen and learn from them.

Bill Hybels
Would we be willing to lead initiatives w/ no promises of earthly success?

Mama Maggie Gobran (founder of Stephen’s Children in Cairo, Egypt)
When one has nothing, God becomes everything.

Michelle Rhee
(Asked the question) How do you distinguish between revolutionary change or incremental change?
(Her response) “I’m not an incremental girl”.  When it’s your child, you can’t change fast enough.

Henry Cloud
What does a person do when the truth comes to them?
– Do they adjust to the truth or try to change it.
– The wise man will adjust, the fool change it, the evil will try to destroy it.

John Dickson
When great leaders are approachable, we aspire to be like them. When leaders appear aloof, we respect them, but they don’t inspire us.

Patrick Lencioni
We have to exercise our willingness to be rejected.

Erwin McManus
It’s not that hard to bring people to Christ when they see themselves in the story.